Personal Chef

The Personal Chef prepares the menu in the home kitchen of the house according to the customer’s preferences, for a private appointment dedicated to taste. By bringing a reinterpreted local cuisine, the chef has the aim to create the experience of a top-level restaurant in a more intimate location, where the attention becomes the priority.
The menu is agreed with the customer, according to the season.
The service can be planned in various areas of the house, indoor and outdoor.
Advance reservation is mandatory, confirmation subject to availability of our Chefs, one week before the requested date.
The service is available both for the guests staying and for the external guests in Factor Day formula.

Customized menu, in Home Restaurant. Minimum reservation for two people

  • The dinner in the Living inside the House is allowed for a limited number of relatives/cohabitants, from 2 to 10 people.
  • Dinner or Apertif at sunset in the pool area. A maximum of 16 people may take part, it is not necessary that the guests are relatives/cohabitants.
  • The dinner in the Kitchen inside the House is allowed for a limited number of 6 people, relatives/cohabitants, sitting together,
  • The outside Terrace is available for 4 relatives/cohabitant. The Rosmarini Terrace and the Boschetto delle Querce are reserved for up to 8-12 people, it is not necessary that the guests are relatives/cohabitants, with social distancing.
  • Olive groves areas for Wine and Oil Tasting, and local products, seasonal, from 8 to 15 people, with social distancing.
  • Pizza Party in a wood oven from 8 to 16 people, seasonal, outdoor areas with social distancing.
  • Show Cooking upon request.



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