The ownership was called Casale Podere Marzi and was part of the land that belonged to the N.D. Maria Luisa Fiumi Petrangeli (paternal grandmother of the current owner), a well-known writer of the 1920s, who, in the area called La Cacciata, had started an important agricultural business. In those days, agriculture was a privileged resource that united the peasant world to the landowners. The activities took place with sharecropping. The farm had been entrusted to the care of the Marzi peasant family, whose surname had remained linked to that house by custom.

In the land, DOC Orvieto Classico was cultivated with specialized vineyards, no longer active due to the end of the production process, specialized arable land and pasture and olive grove, from which today Rara Factory extracts a very dense green oil, the Rara Oil.