Surrounded by agricultural land and the spontaneous grass lawn, with native plants and fruit trees, the guest of Rara Factory can benefit from the beautiful salt pool which overlooks the Orvieto Cathedral, perfectly integrated with the rest of the environment. The salt electrolysis system is an innovative treatment system for the disinfection of swimming pool water. The quality of the water is excellent, always transparent, free from chloramines, respectful of the environment, skin and eyes, sustainable.

Panoramic salt pool, 12×4 meters, equipped with sun beds and beach umbrellas.

Open from June to October (according to the season or the weather)

Opening time: 8 am – 8 pm
(according to check-in and check-out)
Maximum 10 guests allowed

On the occasion of a private event, the pool is not available

The extremely natural disinfection system by electrolysis is able to produce disinfectant from the salt introduced into the pool, transforming sodium chloride (salt) into equivalent chlorine-gas. The salt equipment makes it possible not to use traditional chlorine.