We walk among olive trees, installations of rosemary and hedges with red berries, oak grove, stone seats, Mediterranean broom, fig trees, cherry trees, almond trees, hazelnut bushes and small citrus fruits. The garden, deliberately left in a rustic style, is immersed in the spontaneous context. Some grape tendrils of the ancient vineyard are left in memory in the area where the swimming pool project was inserted. The old original doors of the country house, installed in the park, refer to a theatrical transposition, a metaphysical and rarefied environment: a metaphor of presences and absences.

The body, as the World Health Organization recommends, needs at least 5,000 slow steps a day.

The writer Luis Sepùlveda, author of a beautiful fable entitled The Story of a snail, who discovered the importance of slowness, goes so far as to attribute to slowness the value of a breaking behavior, of a revolutionary gesture.
“Nature is constantly changing, in a perpetual state of metamorphosis and is therefore unpredictable, without form
Reality can be intuited and found in nature: while we work with nature, nature works with our soul, allowing us to give vent to our creative energy.” (Quote from Joseph Beuys)