More than just a renovation, a complex research work was carried out on the use of materials and how to process them with a contemporary look. The dominant tones of the house are shades of gray and chalk white. The interiors are in oak wood, concrete and Basaltite stone, the fixtures are in iron, the plasters are in lime and clay, the lamps are in optical fiber and the curtains are in fleece and velvet. The exterior is done with rough coat plaster techniques, the walls are made of dry stone, with local rough stones and recovered pieces of the country house, wooden beams, stones, handmade terracotta tiles: with their reuse contextualized to a contemporary operation, embedded in the external texture, in a continuum perfectly integrated into the surrounding area.

In Rara Factory each element is placed in the space to give a sense of its own life, not just for an aesthetic issue.

The furnishings are born from the accuracy, the passion for the shape, the perception of space and the motivation of emptiness, and above all from the cuts of light. But also from the recovery and reworking of pieces of the host’s artistic past, sets and materials created over time for her own theater-dance shows. The method and the ability to reinvent each element as needs change, gives a new identity to the sign, enhances the environment and the inhabitant who uses it.